Three Brothers Distillery Partners With Queen Motorsports in 2017


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In an announcement made earlier on Facebook, Queen Motorsports is proud to announce a partnership with Three Brothers Distillery for the 2017 season. Located in Disputanta, Virginia, Three Brothers will be featured on the hood of the #03 Late Model Stock Car and Brenden’s championship run at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Va. “We are really excited to have a partnership with a young man that has great determination and drive,” said David Reavis

“We are really excited to have a partnership with a young man that has great determination and drive,” said David Reavis, President, and Owner of Three Brothers Distillery, Saturday morning. “We actually started production today so today is our inaugural day and it’s really exciting to be announcing our partnership with Brenden as well. We look forward here for our products to hit the shelf and start celebrating some of your wins as well.”

Three Brothers Distillery is slated to be on the hood of the #03 LMSC for the full 2017 season at Langley Speedway along with our returning partners Atlantic Heating and Cooling, East Coast Brakes, Duragloss, Old Skool Video Games, Brinn Trim Custom Installation, and Sandy Bottom Homes.

“We are really excited to have Three Brothers come on board this year with us and I hope everyone else is as well,” Queen said after the announcement was made. “We are happy to have them on the hood of the car this year as we go for the championship at Langley Speedway as well as take them along to the other tracks we visit on our off weekends.”



More About Three Brothers Distillery

The Three Brother’s craft distillery looks to the past, starting with the heritage of fine whiskey in America from pre-Prohibition times. When whiskey and other spirits were made with ingredients like barley, rye, and corn and not consisting solely of corn meal and sugar. Using these traditional recipes and distilling methods ensures that every bottle produced by our distillery hearkens back to a day when quality beat quantity.

It starts with the use of time-honored methods and recipes. Our Rye Whiskey starts with the base recipe George Washington used. We then take locally grown grains and malts and control the process in small batches. This ensures a whiskey with the quality and taste that speaks back to the heritage from which it is made. Tie that to a company with a strong sense of identity and love of great whiskey with a growing market and you have a recipe for both success and a whiskey for the ages.


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Brenden Queen Honored at Charlotte Banquet

Brenden Queen was honored at the NASCAR Hall of Fame December 9th, 2016. Queen won the 2016 East Carolina Motor Speedway Late Model track championships after a thrilling season. The championship was the young drivers first in a Late Model Stock Car and the tracks third title running under the NASCAR banner. Queen, along with his crew and family were honored with a champions breakfast where he received a plaque for his efforts throughout the season.

The evening continued with a black tie, red carpet, event where each track champion had their moment to shine on the big stage in front of their peers and all of those watching across the country.